Ng-show not working within a modal

I don’t know if the modal has anything to do with it but even though my variable, authTabIndex seems to be binding fine, ng-show is not actually hiding/showing the views I have it on. Specifically, it looks like the class ng-hide is added to the view which should be hidden (correctly) when the view is rendered but then further changes to authTabIndex don’t swap which element the ng-hide class is on though you CAN see the ng-show value change from true to false

Click Attendees > Sign In > then toggle in the modal’s footer between Sign In / Create Account.

Figured out what I did wrong:

<ion-content ng-show="{{authData.authTabIndex == 0}}">

should have been

<ion-content ng-show="authData.authTabIndex == 0">

(no curly braces)

Hey there, glad to see you got this resolved.
A good thing to keep in mind is that if the attribute is something that angular takes care of, ng-src/ng-show/ng-if, there’s not need for braces.