Should i use Ionic for Web App?

Hi, i am planing to use Ionic 3 to create a website.

As i know, if i use Ionic for website, the route would be a problem. I will have to handle many case of deeplinks to make the website work probperly but i think it is ok.
My consideration is: Is there any other issues that i didn’t know? I don’t want spend much time to build a website with Ionic then face some un-resolvable issuse.

Please share your experience. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks!

I think pure Angular 5 + Angular Materials should work great for Web Apps.
This will feel way more like an Desktop web app, than Ionic.

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Thanks for your reply. I know Angular is better but i want make use of my team’s experience in Ionic. It will take time to get acquainted with Angular. And if i want to build mobile app for my website, it would be easier if i use Ionic.
I just want to know, is it hard to build a website with Ionic? If it is, i will choose Angular.

Ionic is based on Angular, so your team should have the experience already.
Nevertheless i think it is still possible to build an WebApp with Ionic but i wouldn’t recommend it.
Remember none of the native plugins will work.

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