Should I use Ionic 2 for production?

I am building start-up app, and his release is in at least half year. I don’t want to waste my time and write ionic1 and than upgrade to ionic2…
Is that possible to write ionic2 produxtion app now? Of curse i will update the packages when the times come.
I need base native plugins like: camera, image picker, and geo location basically that all.
This is app that doesn’t have alot of pages and a very easy functions…

Any answers will be good, thanks!

I don’t advice you my friend, I do not know why Google decided to take us back to Angular for Dummies. I’m still cool with my Angular 1.x.x


Well, what exactly you mean?

Ionic 2 is still on its early stage, It’s not advisable to use it for production.

@matanyed l think its better to wait for the stable version, but if you want to use it please go a head, i just completed an app with alpha phase, faces some issues but tackled them all with the help of the ionic team answering to all my lame questions, special thanks to @brandyshea. And people who saying don’t use it for production doesn’t know where to shop :D, no offense


I would not advise it but Ionic 2 is stable enough if you’re not going to create a complex app.

Josh Morony from has already released Ionic 2 app to iOS and Android store. He shared his experience in this article:

Or you can read my article on this topic:


I’d say you should use Ionic 2 to build a “real” app under these two circumstances:

  1. It’s simple and not mission critical, and can be achieved with what is currently available in Ionic 2 (e.g. my app that @Gajotres linked)

  2. The app isn’t going to be released for quite a while and you’re willing to rewrite as necessary. Given a timeframe of 6 months, I’d say it’s reasonable to begin production with Ionic 2.


Great answers. Thanks people.

Yup. Ok, I have not used it, but Angular2/Typescript we are there and using it, I LOVE it, If ionic has kept up, and considering their amazing relationship in that community, I would start NEW projects that way. We will. Heck, we are adopting Meteor as a backend, so give me ng2/meteor 1.3/ionic2, that is my stack from native to web to mobile web.

All in Typescript. So there will be people that do not want to learn ng2, and those, like me, that never learned how to write a directive to save their life, but i can write components in typescript, it is just easier. It is Angular, but your REACT friends can’t tease you anymore :smile:

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I want to do the same too. Is ionic 2 work with meteor already?

Its because the typescript / angular2 crowd doesn’t get it when it comes to functional programming. Sad but true.

As a person who started v2 about 3 weeks ago, the toughest items to deal with is:

  1. Lack of examples for latest beta versons.
  2. Docs are also for alpha versons on Google searches not current verson.
  3. Debugging is a headache as everything compiles to a single js file.
  4. Random bugs for Ionic having nothing to do with what I am coding. e.g. swipe
  5. Visual Studio Code seems to not like the default tsconfig.json file

However, I am using Ionic 2 / Angular 2 with typescript for my production release. I figure the time spent learning via trial and error will make me a stronger in the new platform. I am starting to love the beauty and simplicity of the framework.


Most of the points you make are true, but:

  1. Will be true until ionic 2 reaches beta or when official launch happens.
  2. Same as 1.
  3. For this there’s sourcemaps.
  4. You knew this would happen as still in alpha.
  5. Nothing to say, i’m using sublime 3.

about 3, I’ve asked a question Debugging typescript in chrome? . I see the maps in the build folder but chrome seems ignoring them completely. Do you do step by step typescript debugging ?

I mostly got to know where are the issues in my app since i made it from start to the current state, so haven’t needed the debugging tools a lot.