Serious problem with Ionic on iOS


My company is developing a heavy data oriented mobile application, using Ionic framework (1.0.1). We noticed that on iOS we have weird issues: sometimes a side menu doesn’t opened, “back” button doesn’t work, pull to refresh rendered incorrectly, and more.

After future investigation, we succeeded to nail town THE problem. All of the features above and many others are using “requestAnimationFrame” API. It seems like when the view is “heavy” (e.g. view have many data inside which have to be rendered), iOS gives lower priority to animation frames, and skips them in favor of doing other things. As a result, all the features that have their logic based on animation frames, start behave incorrectly.

The problem is bad on IPhone 6, worse on 5, and catastrophic on iPhone 4.

Replacing “requestAnimationFrame” by “setTimeout” fixes this problem.

My question is: is this known issue? And if it is - what exactly are you planning to do with it?



If you want to report an issue to the Ionic dev team, you should rather do it on github.


Like @gmarziou said, please report this to the official GitHub repo. If you do, if it’s not a problem, post the link here, so other can learn from your experience.