Ion-refresher animation is laggy on iOS

I’m using ion-refresher in my app. When I test my app in chome on my macbook it animates smoothly but in the app on iOS it seems to stick or shutter when I pull it down. Is anyone else having this issue? Is there anyway to change the animation to something less complicated maybe?

I was also having trouble with the ‘slide-left-right-ios7’ transition animation, it was laggy or jittery. Changing it to ‘slide-left-right’ fixed it and that transition is much smoother.

Anyone else had similar issue?

Same here with both. I have to try your fix with slide-left-right. I think the animations are smooth on a macbook because it’s much more powerfull than a mobile device. I’m developing on an iPhone 5 iOS 7.1. I’ll try your slide-left-right thing an will come back here for update.

Ok tried your slide-left-right fix but didn’t work for me. I have a lot of images shown on those pages with jittery animation. Sometimes it jitters sometimes not. Can’t really tell why. Are you using infinite scroll on these pages? I’ve noticed that when using ion-refresher page transitions can be sometimes jittery. I have a page with lots of images and no ion-refresher implemented. No jittery animation there. So I think there is a performance issue connected with the ion-refresher.

I have the same issue with ion-refresher. I’m using ionic 1.0.0 beta7 (currently the latest), on an iPhone 5s running iOS 6.1.

Also, it would be nice if we could define the threshold for someone to pull down before it kicks off a refresh… eg, 30% of the screen or something like that. I find that I accidentally kick off the refresh when I’m scrolling up.

Do you guys solve the problem? I have the same problem but on Android.