Animation speeds on iOS 14

I installed the iOS beta to check my app. Everything works fine, but the page transitions are are half the speed they were, if not slower. The page titles pop in in a really strange way.

I know it’s only a beta, but has anyone else seen this yet?

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Yap, same phenomena here.:raised_hand:

cool, glad it’s not just me - it means that it should be fixed in the future with an ionic or apple update

same issue with iOS 14

i think you should open an Issue here:

We are aware. Considering iOS 14 was released this week and is not available until later this year, this is most likely a bug in the beta.

We have submitted a bug to webkit and they are aware.


Thanks Mike. I figured as much, I just wanted to check others had the same experience before I started digging around and breaking things :slight_smile:

I hope it’s the beta, it’s very slow here.