Send email without open default devices mail app

i’m realizing a submit form to send an email.
The form’s fields are:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Email (the sender mail)
  • Content

The recipient of the mail is not variable.

I read about the email-composer, but it open the default app of the devices where the app is running.

Is possible to realize this in app or i need a php script on server?

Actually I’m also using onesignal to send in-app push-notification, is maybe easier to use it?

An example code would be top!:grin::grin:


Take a look at SendGrid.
However you can’t use it to send an email directly from the app, meaning you would have to use a backend script to do so (SendGrid has a great language compatibility)

If you use Firebase you can try this Trigger Email extension to send an email when you write to a specific document.