Ionic 4 / Cordova: Open Phone's default email app (not composer view)

I am quite new to Ionic and I found a lot of solutions in this forum already.
Now I have one question:
Is there a way to open the phones (cordova) default email app (Gmail, outlook, etc)?

I found the “email composer” ( plugin but as far as I understand, this only allows to open the email app to write a new email.

My use case: I send the user a signup link and want to redirect him after that to his/her default email app by button click.

Thanks for the help!


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Hi, i have the same inconvenient,
did you find a solution to resolve your use case?
Thank you

@facunob1974, unfortunately not. I am sure there must be a way but I did not find any. Also still interested in a solution

did you ever manage to find a solution?

I think this plugin allows you to open any application on the user’s device.