Send an email template without using native app ionic 3

I have a form in my ionic 3 app in which the user will be using his email to request a password change. When the user click send email button, a confirmation email should be sent to his email.

I have tried using the native-ionic email-composer but it opens the default app from the device to send the email. I just want an email to be sent to the user’s email in background without opening any default app.

Is there any way i could accomplish this?

Wouldn’t you need a server for this?

Yes. I will be needing a server for sending an email. But i want to send the confirmation email to the user from ionic app. If i user the native email-composer, it will open the email template in the handset’s default mail app and i do not think that is practical.
So, i am just searching for some methods which can be used to send an email to the user in background (may be using API). I have tried to use mandrill api also but no success.

So the confirmation email would be something like ‘email was sent’ or something similar?

It will be containing a link to confirm the changes made in the app. Like confirmation link for the forget password. That’s why i need it to be in the background and the email will be sending to the user’s email address provided in the text field.

I haven’t heard of any plugin that does that for iOS. I think you cant in that OS.

Thank you for your response. I think i will have to take another approach to achieve this functionality. :slightly_smiling_face: