General question about sending email

I have a requirement to send new team members invitation emails.

Cut a long story short, I’ve spent 2 days of my life fighting with SendGrid and CORS issues to realise it’s something they’re not going to fix anytime soon.

So, how is everyone sending emails in general?

Bearing in mind that this is a transactional email task, not something that needs to be sent from the users device.

Short of spinning up my own custom API endpoint to process email tasks in the background I’m out of ideas. Ideally I’d like to keep as much within Ionic/AngularJS as possible.

eehhhm if you want to send invitation mails you have an invitation process like invitation codes or anything else --> so you need to store the information and generate this stuff.

So like you said … long story short --> you need a backend.

But if you only want to send static emails you can use an email service with an api for javascript:

Ok, I should’ve expanded on this, I’m using FireBase that has a lot of off-the-shelf user and auth functionality. They even provide password reset functionality and email templates (sweet right?) only downside is they only provide 3 email templates, password reset, email change and email verification.

SendGrid was going to be my weapon of choice due to be able to track usage and generate reports. Also email templating.