Seemingly Random Build Errors - Ionic Pro Side


So there is something strange (I think it has to do with caching) going on with ionic pro builds.

Here’s my build list to show how many it is occurring on.

The output from the failed build logs is the exact same and posted below. The only thing that changes when I upload a build that does correctly build, is that I might add or remove an extraneous space from a .scss file or something. That is just so that git will recognize it as versioned, and allow it to be uploaded to ionic pro again.

Failed build output:

Running with gitlab-ci-multi-runner 9.1.0 (0118d89)
  on Prod Snapshot Builds 1 (c9648220)
Using Shell executor...
Running on ip-10-2-78-101...
Fetching changes...
Removing .bowerrc
Removing .editorconfig
Removing .gitignore
Removing .io-config.json
Removing .project
Removing .settings/
Removing bower.json
Removing config.xml
Removing gulpfile.js
Removing hooks/
Removing ionic.config.json
Removing package-lock.json
Removing package.json
Removing relivvitvine/
Removing resources/
Removing scss/
Removing www/
error: cache entry has null sha1: relivvitvine
fatal: Could not write new index file.
ERROR: Job failed: exit status 1

It does build after several tries of uploading the exact same project, but it really is a pain.

Seeing the same. Was happening randomly yesterday too.

this is most likely due to the work they are doing on the 400: bad address issue on Androids.
and it is probably not going to be an issue going forward.

I happen to like Pro, because I can let the client set the app and get feed back without having to go into production.

Got the same problem too with any reason… Hope this is a Ionic side fault…

I’m having the same problem as well.
Build is failing within seconds.
Does anyone have a solution yet?

This problem is on Ionic’s side.

There is no fix, only a work around.

  1. Open up a random file, say index.html
  2. Add an erroneous character (say a space, carriage return, or comment about how frustrating this ionic pro bug is)
  3. Re-submit via git to the ionic pro server
  4. Cross your legs, and say 10 Hail Marys while rubbing your belly and patting your head
  5. Check to see if it worked. If it worked, congrats. If it didn’t work, go back to step 1 and repeat this process until it does work.

Thanks for the lovely advice :slight_smile:
I went ahead and did just what you said and apparently it compiled in the first attempt :relieved:
Thanks again for your help.


All the magic is in step 4 :slight_smile: