iOS clicking links while scrolling



I am testing my App on iPhone and i noticed a annoying bug while scrolling.

I have these relatively long lists of photos.
Lets say i have photo 1 + 2 in view, then i scroll down and click photo 9 when i comes into view but is still scrolling up slowly, then i en up navigating to photo 1 or 2.
If i wait a little until it has stopped scrolling (decelerating), then it works just fine.

Everything i rendered when the view is loaded, no infinity scroll og lazy loading of any kind.

It also works fine on Android and in the browser.

If anyone can give me a hint, so i know where to start looking, then I would be grateful.
Right now i don’t know where to begin.

    <div class="row row-wrap no-padding">
        <div class="col no-padding" ng-repeat="family in superFamily.Categories track by family.Id" ng-show="!family.filtered" ng-class="{'col-50': !family.ShowFullWidthPhone || isLandscape, 'col-100': family.ShowFullWidthPhone && !isLandscape}">
            <a href="#/app/home/{{::superFamily.Id}}/{{::family.Id}}">
                <div class="img-wrap">
                    <img ng-src="{{::photoSize(family.ShowFullWidthPhone)}}/{{::family.ImageId}}.jpg">
                <div class="info-wrap" ng-class="{odd: (family.ShowAlternateColorPhone && !isLandscape) || (isLandscape && $index % 2 == 1)}">
        <div class="col no-padding centered" ng-if="isAllFiltered()">
            <h3>{{'GLOBAL_ALL_FILTERED_HEADER' | translate}}</h3>
            <p>{{'GLOBAL_ALL_FILTERED_TEXT' | translate}}</p>
                <a ng-click="resetFilters()">{{'GLOBAL_ALL_FILTERED_RESET' | translate}}</a>


I found a fix for this problem for now, but i would still like to find the real cause of the problem.

    if (ionic.Platform.isIOS()) {                

I will try to investigate further, but please let me know if you have any ideas as to where to start.

I am running 1.2.1 and native scroll seems to work fine for everything else :slight_smile:


Same here! I’m going nuts with problem. I guess we need to go back JS scrolling… i have no idea how to fix it.