View scrolling to top of list after closing modal

I have a view hierarchy that looks like:

  • ion-nav-view

When I load a modal (ion-modal-view), then call the modal’s hide(), my list will scroll back to the top.
I can avoid this by setting overflow-scroll=“true” on ion-content, but I’d prefer not to.
How can I otherwise preserve the content’s vertical scroll position?

This does not happen for me…
The modal-closing has nothing to do with the ion content “below”.

could you post your html and controller code?

This DOES happen for me when I use overflow-scroll=“true” on an ion-content element.

It does not happen in the browser, but it happens when deployed as an app to either Android or IOS.

Does anyone have an idea what might be going on?

Were you able to solve it ?

I’ve just found the solution, check this out: Modal.hide() scrolls the collection-repeat behind it to the top