Textarea not scrollable in Ion-Footer-Bar of ionicModal

This is how my ionicModal-Template looks like:

  <ion-footer-bar keyboard-attach>
    <textarea style="overflow:auto;height:90px"></textarea>

The Problem: I cant scroll the textarea with touch events. But it works with mouse wheel events. (click here for demo(http://recordit.co/jyxQMJ1EaF))

In the demo, at first, I try to scroll with touch events (nothing moves), then I scroll with the mouse wheel (textarea-content moves).

The same code not in an ionicModal works great (textarea is scrollable with touch-events). Also the same textarea in the ion-content of the modal works great (but this is no option for me because I need the ion-footer-bar fixed at the bottom of the page).

This woks, but the textarea-content does not move:
textareaElem.addEventListener('touchmove', function(e) { console.log('test'); }, false);

I think the IonicModal causes the problem. Any ideas how to fix this ? Thanks !