Safe to start Ionic 2 App with production release date of late August?

We are thinking about starting an App that we intended to launch towards the end of August or September. Do you guys think this is a good bet that Ionic 2 would production ready around that time?

Thank you.

how complex is the app? Are you prepared to re-work things if APIs change? … that in my opinion

Pretty complex… Lots of Geolocation, payments… watching… etc.

So, you don’t recommend it @aaronksaunders? Should we wait?

BUMP! Any update on this?

We are also considering using ionic 2 for an app that will deploy in Sept and would like to know if this is a good choice.

i am building app in ionic2, i think its worth to write in v2. Even if api changes, ionic shows what things are changed so it will be easier to address those changes but i would recommend using ionic2, no brainer.

i have three client apps that we are building in ionic2… We have a very large national brand, state & local govt & two smaller startups and we are using ionic2 on all of the accounts… we are all in on ionic2

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