Run Ionic in IOS with chrome instead of safari

I there a way to force IOS devices to use google chrome as the browser for an Ionic webapp?

Since IOS 13 was release SQLite support for safari was dropped and I am looking for a work around.

You can detect the user agent and show a message like “please, use Chrome instead of Safari”, but it’s not really a good solution to tell users to use a different browser from the one they want to use.

What was dropped is WebSQL, but it’s probably broken on Chrome too as they use the WKWebView and it was dropped there too, unless they have some workaround in place.

the ionic CLI can build, copy and deploy ionic apps to iOS simulators and devices with a single command. a problem has arrived when I am trying to install an application in my iOS. many suggestions were coming from Facebook but I could not fix my problem. how do I fix this?