Can i use ionic to build Chrome App?

Hello ,
I am building an app for Chrome apps. Can i use ionic to design UI for that ?

Well, since ionic is aimed towards mobile, it is not recommended to build for desktop browsers… But firefox and chrome should be working fine since the same engines are being used for some mobile devices :slight_smile: Also, testing in chrome/firefox is encouraged by ionic team.

I think you could use ionic for your chrome app easily, since it uses a chrome webview :wink:

That would be really cool if that works :slight_smile: I also thought about an Chrome-App of my Ionic-App

I think it should be fine :wink: Most developers try their work in chrome browser before putting it in emulator or on device. Personally, I’ve never really soon much difference, just some css tweaks here and there. This means you should be able to make it work perfectly :slight_smile:

Just going to chime in on this.

There’s been some cool demos done to illustrate this,

And chrome packaged app are defiantly some of interest.
If fact the Chrome apps team that made CCA is very involved with cordova, so there is some cross over of ideas and such.

While ionic’s UI is very mobile app focused, this could be a chance for users to try to expand ionic a bit.
Since it is a chrome view, there shouldn’t be any big issues with UI.


I am using ionic for Chrome packaged app and it works great. But i am having issues in loading external images. Chrome team has a solution for this but don’t know how to use this in angular. Any help would be appreciated