Running as web app on iOS, constant loading

We are looking at rolling our Ionic build out as a web app vs a Cordova application initially. I’ve noticed that on iOS (both simulator and my 4S), the app appears to be loading constantly. This means that the headers and the footers of Safari never go away.

Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a fix?


The intended purpose of ionic is to not be a web app, but to be an installable mobile app instead. The way things are set up, we don’t need to worry about the chrome of safari.

It’s not an issue, it’s because we built ionic for app, not web apps.

Well, I understand that, but since its basically just www/css and it runs fine in the browser, it would be great if it could be used in both ways for those things that don’t require Cordova-like access to the phone.

Does anyone know what might be causing this behavior in iOS Safari and what a workaround might be? I don’t see any obvious network calls being made after the page loads. What would make Safari think it was continuing to process the page?

Well it’s not that it’s loading still, iOS changes the header and footer of safari on page scroll. Since we are using a js-scroller for extra functionality, we technically aren’t scrolling anything.

I was able to “fix” the Safari header/footer problem by adding “minimal-ui” to the viewport meta tag.

I still haven’t been able to figure out why the browser seems to always be talking to the network (ie, the loading spinner won’t stop).