App rejected by Apple for using 'default browser'

I’m getting rejected by Apple because;

The user is taken to the default web browser to sign in or register for an account, which provides a poor user experience.

The entire app is a standard Angular SPA ‘ported’ to iOS using Ionic. If Apple is rejecting apps like this, how does any ‘built with Ionic’ app get approved?..

The message seems to indicate that when the user is going to sign in or register, it’s taken to Safari browser and they consider that a bad experience.

Apps usually use InAppBrowser plugin, or Capacitor Browser plugin, or Auth Connect plugin, or send the login data using fetch, so the users don’t leave the app to Safari, that’s why other people apps get accepted.


My app is using the in app browser, so I have no idea what they are referring to. It doesn’t launch Safari and redirect to it, I have no idea why they even complained about this, unless they are complaining specifically that it should not open up in an in-app browser, which would effectively torpedo every app made with Ionic…

Ensure that the sign in process in app is smooth. Minimize the number of steps required, provide the clear instruction to complete the process.

Thats what a iAB does. You lack explanation or example of what the code does.

Either you have no clue what you are talking about or you don’t know what code you wrote (if you even did). Apple reviewers can be a pain but they do NOT get their sh*t wrong.

Here’s a great way to start being a better developer: How do I ask a good question? - Help Center - Stack Overflow

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