Run an Ionic v1 project with current 3.x Ionic CLI

Hi, I’m trying to modify, build and deploy an ionic V1 project within my Ionic v3 installation.

What would be the steps to run correctly this project?

I’ve already tried this steps:

  1. Create the folder project.
  2. Inside the folder project “npm install”
  3. Inside the folder project “bower install”
  4. rename “ionic.project” file to “ionic.config.json”
  5. run “ionic serve --lab” (works fine without cordova functionalities)
  6. run “ionic cordova run android”, it says to overwrite the “resources” folder and “config.xml”. (It is normal behaviour?)
  7. After 6 when I run “ionic cordova run android” it says and continue building normally:
    "[WARN] Not performing Ionic build for project type: ionic1."

Is this warning normal?


Yes, as Ionic v1 doesn’t need a build (src is turned into www) as you already only have a www folder.


  • its needed always to do a “npm install” and a “bower install” or only “npm install”

  • Its normal to have a config.xml into the root folder and another into the www folder?

  • Then when I change a file into the folder www, when i wnt to test on a device the if I do ionic cordova run android the last changes are present?

Thanks and sorry.

No idea, too long ago that I used Ionic v1, sorry.

Yes, it will copy www directly. If you want to avoid even having to run it again, use the livereload option.