Can i run the ionic v1 project when i have ionic CLI 3.0.0

I have a few apps which are on Ionic v-1 , now I have upgraded V-1 to Ionic 3.x .

Can I run Ionic v-1 apps still with the same configuration or has to downgrade ionic 3.x to ionic v-1 and then only can run version-1 apps?

I am using Ionic CLI 3.0.0 in my ionic v1 app… You can use it with just some of cli commands that are change a little bit like ionic build android -> ionic cordova build android

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I just want to use ionic serve, Can I run ionic V1 app using Ionic serve when I have 3.x ionic version installed ?

You can run ionic serve from a ionic 3.x version of cli to your v1 app… Maybe you can try it first… let’s see if you encounter errors…

It is not working after upgrading to version 3.x, Firstly it gave ionic.config.json not found,It is giving file not found error.