Project setup after git clone

Hey there!!

I’m not sure what are the steps I should do after clone an Ionic project.

I did create a project based on the tabs template and changed as I wished. Latter on I committed the project to my git repo and tried to install in another computer but the npm install && bower install didn’t work as I expected.

The bower command installed a different version of ionic witch doesn’t have some subfolders (like lib/ionic/js/angular) but put the other dependencies (if exists) in the correct place.

The npm command creates an npm_modules folder and install the dependencies there instead of use www/lib.

Is there any command I should use instead of npm and bower to install the dependencies in the www/lib folder (not in node_modules) and also download the plugins listed at the package.json file?


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Using ionic lib update from the root of the project will update the lib folder to the latest Ionic version.

Some people have had issues with this on Windows, this topic has some solutions to that (see the more recent posts).

I’m not aware of a shortcut to install the plugins. I usually manually install each one.

Hey Brandy,

Thanks for the answer. :smiley:

I did use the ionic lib update but it wasn’t what I expected also. I saw somewhere there is a cordova platform update <platform> but didn’t have time yet to test if this is the right think to do once I clone an existing project.

If I have any update I will post here.

Thanks a lot again

npm install and bower install worked for me.
But I guess it depends on the remote developer correct setting up bower.json and package.json