[Resolved] Release build for iOS on Windows?

We develop Ionic Projects on Windows VMs using Visual Studio Code. I have managed to follow this guide: http://ionicframework.com/docs/guide/publishing.html to build a release version of one of our apps for Android, however I am unable to build one for Apple.

When I run the command ionic build ios --release I get an error saying “You cannot run iOS unless you are on a Mac OSX”; we have a Mac at the company however it doesn’t have Ionic installed to run Ionic commands, and because I’m building it on Windows I can’t just open the project in Xcode.

My question really is; is it possible to build release version on Windows? If not, it is a problem that the project is not .xcodeproject?


Not fully. Although it is possible to compile your app for release for iOS (after some work for the signing certs), the last steps do require an actual Mac to run the Application Loader (a tool installed with Xcode), to do the submission to Apple.

Since this step exists, I recommend setting up the Ionic Tools on the native Mac for this process. You may have to move your project into a platform shareable location.


You could use “ionic package” to have your iOS app built in the ionic.io cloud, instead of locally. Then you would only need a Mac (probably) to publish the app in the Apple Store.