Resize ion-slide-box height's dinamically

Hello guys, I’m new with ionic development. I google it a lot of times but no solutions works for me. I just want resize a ion-slide-box height dinamically, this is my code:

   <div animation="slide-left-right-ios7" ng-controller="SlideController">
      <ion-slide-box active-slide="myActiveSlide" on-slide-changed="slideChanged()">
         <ion-slide ng-repeat="entry in data.entries">
            <div class="image-container">{{entry.image}}</div>
            <div class="news-title">{{entry.title}}</div>
            <div class="container">{{entry.content}}</div>

And the js file

angular.module('starter', ['ionic', 'ngCordova'])
        function($scope, $timeout, $ionicSlideBoxDelegate, $ionicScrollDelegate) {
            $ = {};
            $ = entries;
            $scope.myActiveSlide = utilities.QueryString.pos;
            $scope.slideChanged = function() {
                timeout(function() {
                }, 500);

Thanks in advance and sorry by the bad english.