/res/screens/android or /resources/android/splash

I created a new ionic project and I want to customize the splash screen. Right now the tutorials I see are telling me to place the images in the /resources/android/splash folder, but the app seems to be ignoring this folder and pulling from the /res/screens/android folder. What is the difference between these two folders and where should the screens go?

The best way to set your Splash Screen would be to allow Ionic to automatically generate and build it for you as seen here:

  1. Make sure your splash is at least 2208x2208 and name it as splash.png
  2. Place it in the root of your cordova_project\resources folder
  3. Run ionic resource --splash
  4. Ionic then builds the splash in the required folders

Ok, but I’d still like to know what the older folder is used for. Is it safe to delete? I don’t really like having another folder that has its own set of images that aren’t being used for anything. Especially if it is going to be adding to the total size of the app download.

I would suggest leaving the folder as-is. There’s no need to worry about duplicate images being wrapped in your app.

The way Ionic is set up is that you have a directory of core files. Then when it builds the app for specific platforms, it will create additional directories that copy the required files from the root directory in order to package it up. The final APK that is generated will only contain the files in the newly created directory that’s specific to the platform you’re building on, and not the ones in the old folder.

If you’re still feeling unsure, then the best case would be to open up the generated APK to see for yourself.