Splash Screen Reset After Every Build

I have made some custom splash screens, but every time I compile/build/emulate my project the splash screen folder on ios/platform/resources/splash erases all my custom splash screens to the ionic default splash screens. Any suggestions? This is problem only occurs on this ionic app, and not my others.

Do you have your splash screen in resources/ ?

Yes, its under resources.

If you have your custom splash screen under the [root of your app]/resources directory, then the ‘ionic resources’ command should generate a set of icons based on your custom image in the correct platform directories.

What is the ionic resources command?

Put your splash and icons in [Your app directory]/resources


$ ionic resources

This will generate respective icons and splash depending on which were changed.

To do it only for icons or only for splash…

$ ionic resources --icon
$ ionic resources --splash

i dont at all like these generated files though…!! It doesn’t cgenerate well and crops it in unwanted way…!!
for some resolutions … if you have logo it just crops it and logo appears to be streched and zoomed in…!!