React Native vs Ionic 3

You are correct,.
However, if you search PWA you will find that all results lead to Google Developers:


In 2015, designer Frances Berriman and Google Chrome engineer Alex Russell coined the term “Progressive Web Apps” [3] to describe apps taking advantage of new features supported by modern browsers, including service workers and web app manifests, that let users upgrade web apps to progressive web applications in their native operating system (OS). According to Google Developers,[3][4][5] these characteristics are…

This is the main reason i prefere Ionic

There are many developers even prefer no framework at all. I think it’s just a personal choice.
I started my journey from using backbonejs, then discovered angularjs. Really regret that I wasted around a year before discovering angularjs. When I found ionic two years ago, I finally felt home.
For a noob like me, there is no better framework than ionic because:

  • Ionic has a great team behind it. It’s not big but it has vision.
  • Ionic provides Enterprise support. From the business perspective, it’s critical if I need to build something production ready and something bigger than simple tutorial apps. I might not need the service but it’s there for me if I ever need it.
  • Great community.
  • Code once, run everywhere.
  • ionic+angular provides me with all I need to build apps quickly. It’s very time consuming and painful for a noob to put all those together when using other frameworks.
  • ionic 1.x is pretty mature and I have been growing together with it. I’ve seen how the team performs during the last two years. It’s just matter of time that ionic 3+ will reach the same maturity level or exceed it.
  • I have confidence in the team to provide the best toolkit on the market for building PWA. I am talking about ionic 4 and stenciljs. Experts can build PWA without any framework or libs but I can’t. I am counting on the Team. I am counting on the framework and library which the team will provide.

I’ve heard Reactive and reactive native are great too. vuejs is also great but they are not for me. It would be bad if there was only one framework to choose. It’s good that there are competitions on the market :slight_smile: And everyone can find what they like.

Good job the great Ionic team.
Millions of thanks to the Ionic team and to the community.


Many many many thanks Sujan.

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I’d suggest exploring some articles on Hackernoon and Medium like this one
to explore the issue in detail like I once did.
In short, Ionic is easier to learn, but for mobile development I would choose React Native for its performance. Don’t forget that Ionic is still hybrid apps, not native.

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