Is ionic framework good enough to make a taxi app with booking and gps tracking?

i came from a c# background with 6 years of use and have spent 1 year in xamarin.
my biggest issues with xamarin is the difficulty to design,debug,and an incredible about of time with dependences. is this a problem with ionic? because i’m comparing ionic with react native.

I created sort of taxi app and it was great
Background geolocation
Native Google maps
Integration to Google & apple pay, PayPal, stripe or whatever
Easy design
I think it is very good choose

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cool i’ve been shaking towards react. but haven’t found a complex app with ionic yet. i love the philosophy of ionic because its probably the easiest with great documentation. but i need convincing on performance

the performance is between average to great
is depends on your code, the plugins you use and the type of project (very graphic project, for example, could be not good with ionic)

for this type of project, you can have very good performance. ionic v3 made alot of performance improvements
and even ionic 4 will be better
and your app can be PWA :slight_smile: maybe you could find it useful

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my app will need to communicate with geo per 5-10 seconds. no heavy lifting computation besides google direction decode thats it. hopefully Moore’s law has an effect on mobile. :smile: