IONIC App | Angular versus REACTJS


i am a beginner in IOINC. When creating a new ionic project ( $> ionic start ) i am asked for “angular” or “reactjs”. I am not sure which makes sense for me. I want to stay as much as possible “inside” ionic. What choice is the better one ?

Any suggestions ?

Brg Dietmar

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Hi softwarekoch,

If you are completely new, you should really take your time researching the technologies.
Going for either Angular or React is somewhat important, as you will have to invest a lot of time into building your knowledge in this language.

Also, if you choose React, you should also check out, which is an alternative to ionic.

BR Kevin

Hi Kevin,

the problem with all this languages is, that they change every 6 months.
I already was looking at these languages 6 month ago and decided to start with ionic.
The matrix of relevant languages ( frameworks ) is changing to fast.

BR Dietmar

I think of Ionic as primarily:

  • a set of UI components that are primarily optimized for mobile device use, but are still usable elsewhere; plus
  • some build tool and bridgeware between a webapp world and various native device functionality.

The core framework is independent of those things, so if you’re familiar with one or like the style of their documentation or whatever, go with that. I do strongly think that, while it’s technically “supported” to go completely frameworkless and just roll something together with random JavaScript, that’s a foolish choice.

Historically, Ionic has worked with Angular for much longer than it has React, if that matters to you at all.

The app will still be mainly Angular or React, so that’s really a huge difference.

As rapropos said, Ionic has supported Angular way longer than React.

But whatever you choose, be sure to use Typescript and not Javascript :slight_smile:

Hi Kevin, thx for your input.
I will use Typescript instead of Javascript.

My concern is, that a start my new App with Angular now and in for example 6 months the developer in this forum will tell me why did you not choose ReactJS 6 months ago or is it possible to use Angular and ReactJS together in a IONIC PWA ?

For an application, its either Angular, or React.

I know the problem. But this is not a question about Ionic, it is if you think Angular or React is better.
The most important thing is that the framework is supported a long time and not replaced by a newer one in a few years. For this, both frameworks have done quite well the last view years, probably because both have huge companies behind them (Angular - Google, React - Facebook).
It’s like deciding between Java and C#.

Both have advantages and disadvantages, but you have to decide for yourself with the knowledge what exactly you need.