Ionic2 White Screen of Death

Hey guys, im just having some problem, my app works fine in the browse and in my real device using ionic run android and ionic emulate ios in my mac os, but i tried to upload it to google play, so i can share with some friends as beta test to get some feedback.

I followed this steps:
But when i download my app from the google play, it don’t load, i get a white screen and is that, nothing happens.

my xml:

Maybe it is a problem with that? Because i didn’t changed much it.
Anyone have any idea?


I cant use “-” in the id, when i changed that it worked perfect.

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Did you try installing with usb cable and testing in your devise before publishing?
If not, go do that now, connect device with usb cable, enable USB Debugging in your device and run the next command:

ionic run android

Or if IOS device:

ionic run ios