RC.0 No provider for e!

Hi, everytime i build and start my app I have a blank screen with just the error :
EXCEPTION: No provider for e! Error: No provider for e!

What can I do to have the name of the real class instead of just a e ?
I think its because of the mains.js being minified, but I don’t know how I can manage to resolve that.

This is the error i have.

Did you correctly import all your dependencies in the main app module? Seems like a dependency injection error of some sort.

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That was the problem I didn’t import a provider :s

Thanks and sorry for the late answer ^^

No problem, glad you solved it!

Got same error… how can i know what import is missing? In my case it works in browser but dont work when run in android device… very lost here

In my case it was no provider for t.
See my post: New pages work only in Serve - No provider for t! under android