PWA or Browser Platform?

Hello, I’m tasked with creating an ERP system for our company (Angular) with a minified mobile version (ionic). Instead of creating an angular app alone and a separate ionic 3 app, I thought of creating a PWA using latest ionic version and to modify/reuse the same code to target mobile devices.

My question is what is best in this situation? and cons and pros for each choice

  1. Create separate angular and ionic apps.
  2. Create PWA App using ionic and then modify the code to build IOS and Android platforms.
  3. Create a normal Ionic app with web app ui/ux feel and build IOS, Android, and Browser platforms.

Note that I want to use many of ionic components (modals, alerts, toasts, fabs, etc…) in the Web version.

Thank you.

Hi @mohammed_ali!

Number 3 is definitely doable, and probably the easiest, since you can reuse all the logic. Ionic has a great responsive grid with which you can use to modify the page layout according to the screen size. Then is just a matter of running ionic cordova build android, ionic cordova build ios or ionic build --prod for the web app and uploading the www directory to a server.

If you need some pointers about how to design from mobile to tablet and desktop using the same code, check out this article:


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Hi Fdez,
This article is amazing and exactly what I had in mind and wanted to design, I have been searching and testing both PWA and browser for the past couple of hours and I was leaning more to number 3, But after I read your article I will definitely go with number 3.

Great article and work on Savelist
Thank you.

Thanks! :kissing_closed_eyes: Glad to help and get more people on board with PWAs in Ionic :+1:

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