Ionic for pwa only?

If I only want to create a pwa (no mobile app in future!), what would you say are the advantages in using ionic instead of angular only?

Ionic uses angular under the hood

If you want to go only angular you will have to figure put the pwa stuff yourself (serviceworker etc)

Also Ionic provides lots of components and APIs optimized for mobile usage. You would have to roll that yourself in pure Angular or find others to import and use.

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The only advantage I see is that it would be “trivial” to create the mobile version of your website once you have it up and running. Angular routing is a better fit for desktop than Ionic routing. Also, Angular lazy loading is different from Ionic lazy loading. The difference is due to the difference in routing, and I think Angular lazy loading is simpler to manage if you have a large app, while Ionic’s lazy loading is more intuitive if you have an app with only a few pages.

But do you really need the P in PWA if you have no interest in a mobile app? If you put in the work so your web app acts like a mobile app, you probably care enough about mobile users that publishing in the app store makes sense.