Help on Deciding Ionic - Website, PWA and App

Hi all,

We are in the midst of planning a new business application and there are a few requirements for us to fill in multiple iterations:

  1. A desktop web app (first iteration)
  2. A mobile friendly PWA (first or second iteration)
  3. A native app (third iteration)

Now in order to save time and help us re-use logic and move quicker, I thought of Ionic and if it will be possible to use it for all 3.

My concern is can Ionic actually be used for a main desktop website or is it better to create that separately using just Angular and then create a separate mobile website later on which is a PWA using Ionic and hopefully re-use some of the business logic, and API written in Angular.

Finally the idea was if we could do the PWA using Ionic, we can then publish that as hybrid app-store app?

So to summarise two questions really:

  1. Is it possible to create a full desktop website using Ionic or better to create separately?

  2. If we create a PWA using Ionic either as the same or different mobile site based on the above answer, how easy is it to maintain this PWA and also publish it as a hybrid app-store app? From the documentation I see we need to turn off the serviceWorker option in a JSON file? Is that it or is it more complicated?

Appreciate all the help.