How to create week design desktop website and PWA with Ionic?

Hello Everyone,

In my company we used to build websites with angular or other frameworks and application with Ionic.

For a personnal project, I would like to create a PWA and only use Ionic.

The problem is that design and UX for a desktop website is quite different than a mobile app and for me it appears complicated :

  1. to use ionic to create both website for desktop and mobile application as the same projet
  2. to use Ionic to create a website for desktop. For me Angular is more suitable for this.

I can not find document on these problems on website. So my question is how do you usually create a website site which can be both use on deskstop (I mean with a welldone design and not a website wich looks like mobile application) and on mobile with PWA paricularities?

I hope my questions are clear enough.

Thanks for your helps!