Pushing two states onto the nav stack

I’m wondering if anyone has push two view states on to a navigation stack before?

I’m looking to switch between tabs but go into a child state of one of the tabs from the other and still have the back button enabled so I can go back to that tabs primary state.

Here’s a rough flow of what I’m looking to achieve. If this makes any sense.

TabA.1 -> ngClick -> TabB.2 -> navBarDelegate.back() -> TabB.1 

I can do this the clunky way by calling $state.go twice. This feels wrong however and will have issues with jittering transitions. Any help would be appreciated.


Some people have tried this with no success.

Right now it’s just the limits of UI-router

Thanks for the info and the example @mhartington. I figured there might have been some way to hack the history with the ionicViewService which would force the ionNavBar to show the back button and follow the stack back down.

I’ve decided against supporting the flow as it’s quite confusing for the user anyway even if it is convenient.