Ionic-tabs : criss cross navigation

Hi Folks,
I have seen related posts but wasnt able to find any solution for this.
In a tab interface, assume we have 2 Tabs with individual nav-views:


The state flows for both the nav-views are:
Tab-A : (A1 --> A2 --> B3)
Tab-B : (B1 --> B2 --> B3)

Now, obviously if I jump from Tab-A A2 state to Tab-B B3 state, I wont get back button to A2 state.

Tell me if this can be a possible solution and you see any downside of it:

Create a State for Tab-A that renders same html as B3 but on Tab-A nav-view.
stateA3 : renders xyz.html on Tab-A nav-view
stateB3 : renders xyz.html on Tab-B nav-view

Then the flow becomes:
Tab-A : (A1 --> A2 --> A3)
Tab-B : (B1 --> B2 --> B3)

One issue I see is state duplication but I am still learning and might be missing some bigger problems with this approach.

Anybody has any suggestions here?