Navigation stack broken after switching tab programmatically

Hi there,
I got an application based on the tab template. In my initial tab I got a slider. Once I tap on an item in this slider I need to navigate to another tab and there again navigate to a subpage. I know it is not best GUI design to cross tabs like that but it’s an requirement for the app.
So here’s what I got (cut down to the basic problem):

$scope.swiper =  new Swiper('.swiper-container',{
     onTap:function(swiper,event) {
     var clickedSlide = <getSlideIndex>
     $state.go('^.station', {stationId:clickedSlide});             

This is actually working. Problem is, I don’t get any back button. There’s no way to navigate to the “parent view”. The view I’m accessing here is also accessible just by selecting the tab and then tapping a list-item. Doing it this way navigation works without any problem.

When you are on the first tab (1), switch to another tab (2) and tap a list-item (3), you actually create the history item for the tab-view (2) that causes the back buttonto be displayed. If you go directly from (1) to (3) your app can’t know that.

Unfortunately I don’t know how this could be solved. I would try to make it navigate to (2) first and then to (3) or see if there are some functions to push something on the navigation stack manually.

I tried that before, but somehow it didn’t work. I tried to use a state function to navigate to (2) and from there to (3). I only got to (2) and there it would stop. Unfortunately I don’t remember if there was any error. I will try it this way again. Thanks for the info about the history stack.

Probably the code stops after it is redirected to somewhere else, so maybe you have to already “trigger” the seconds redirect asynchronuosly or something like that.