IONIC with windows phone 8.1


HI I am new to Ionic framework. I built a application and it is working properly in android devices. and it is working on windows phone emulator also. but I can’t install on windows phone. I copied .xap file in to the sd card but when i clicked it. it is showing error ‘can’t install company app’ can any one tell me step of deploying in windows phone device ?

Thank you



You need to register your windows phone to your windows phone developer account then you will be able to install it in your phone here is link, that show you how to register device.


Hey mjaravinda,

I will not advice you to use Phonegap Build to deploy your App.
Follow this steps:

  1. Get Windows 8 OS.
  2. Download and Install Microsoft Visual Studio Update 4
  3. Then From there, you can use the IDE to create Cordova or Ionic Project( provided Ionic Plugins and Project have been Installed), Also you can also use the Command Line Interface to create your project, I’ll advice the Command Line Interface as the best OPTIONS.
  4. From the means, you can build your and will have the .appx (for WINDOWS STORE APP) that you can sideload to your actual device.


thank you I will check it and give you feed back


Okay, problem. Always here.


Hi! i do: ionic build wp8 and install from visual studio from a remote machine with windows 8 installed.

How do i install the generated .xap file into another windows phone into other machines without visual studio? is there a functional xap installer ?

I just download the file from a webserver but them it just list all the files inside instead of installing as a normal wp8 app.