Sample App to start on Windows Phone

Hi Friends,

I’m stuck in creating a workable ionic app on windows phone . i’d really appreciate if someone has a skeleton for me to start

i created windows app using Ionic.

In Your Case ,What is the problem ??

shashikant, is there really a need to use the Windows 8 + hardware with hyperV to successfuly develop for Windows Phone 8?

yes… with out hyperV you can not run on emulator.
you can build with out hyperV. For installing, you need to use Application Deployment for testing.

Hi, could you please describe how was your method to ommit this Microsoft expectations? For example in the Cordova’s “Getting started with WP8” docs I’ve read that Windows 8 is required.

Do you say that you developed and tested app and then published on Widows Store without having Windows 8 or Hyper-V featured hardware? I’m very interested in this. Please help me to do the same :smile:

I’ve got a Lumia with Windows Phone 8 and I supposed that I’ll be able to develope just by using Cordova command-line and usb connection, but the information on Cordova’s website worried me. You have turned the light again for me :smile:
Please share your experience.


hi @rafaellop,

you can not create platform, build as well as run with out windows 8 + Hyper-V featured hardware hardware required. you also need to install windows phone 8 sdk. Then you can develop windows phone application.

@shashikant, I’m sorry but I haven’t understood. At first you wrote that:

you can build with out hyperV. For installing, you need to use Application Deployment for testing.

then today you have written that it is completely impossible to develop for Windows 8 + hyper-v hardware. For me it’s a “good riddance” for Widows Phone 8. How they (MS) can expect that anyone decided to spend a thousand bux (at least) just to build a simple phone app? Or maybe is there some way (online build as for iOS) ?


Hello Shasikanth, could you please share the steps to publish the windows phone ionic application to windows store

i did upto cordova build --release windows

after that what should i do?

Any luck on publishing your windows phone 8 apps to store without using windows 8 + Hyper-V featured hardware?