Problem with availability of ionic3 app in play store

i have an ionic 3 app published in store for a long time, and in recent days i have encountered problem with its avalaibility on some devices (it doesnt show in google play store for this devices).
At first i thought the problem is caused because these devices have android 12 (app is targeting SDK 27), but its not in general - on some devices with android 12 it works and the app shows in play store, but on some devices it doesnt.
For example on samsung galaxy M21, the app isnt visible in play store. but in google play console, this device is in list of supported devices.
Any ideas why this happens and how it can be solved?

Yes you are right. The reason is the minimum required android SDK version. Meet Google Play's target API level requirement  |  Android Developers

If your target SDK version is not more than the minimum version required, new users cannot see your application in the Google playstore. The users(devices) already in use the application can see the app though.

For solving the issue you have to upgrade your Capacitor version, but latest Capacitor needs latest ionic version so you should migrate both of them.

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thx for answer, but my app is written in ionic 3+ cordova, so ill try to upgrade only cordova, dont know if it will work, but in theory it should. Dont know if anyone have some experience with this.

One more question, by new users you mean new google accounts? So google account, through which app was already installed will see it, but new accounts not?

move to capacitor. Cordova is close to the end.

There are a few misconceptions in this thread.

Latest Capacitor doesn’t need latest Ionic version.
Cordova is not close to the end.

My bad. Julio is right. Latest Capacitor does not need latest Ionic version.