Problem trying to use cordova-plugin-firebase

First all, sorry for my terrible english.
I’ve trying to use firebase on my app and when a call


method, my App close with this message:

“helloWorld has stopped”.

I create an app just to test FirebaseRemoteConfig, but nothing from firebase plugin appear to work. If I try to use getToken() function for example, it returns me an empty “”.

I use phonegap-plugin-push in another app with sucess. All work great. Now I’need something more sofisticate and the remoteConfig is the solution.
I put my google-services.json on .\helloWorld folder and also .\helloWorld\platforms\android. I noticed that if I not place this file on any folder the firebase plugin don’t worry about.
I follow all steps from plugin documentation. I create an app project on my firebase account just for this test. I believe that something I forget to do.

Can you help me? :crossed_fingers:

Why do you need the plugin? Can’t you just use AngularFire?

I would like to have used RemoteConfig and it is not available in angularfire but the Realtime Database also served me.
In time, were you able to use the google-services.json file with angularfire?

Thank you for your help.

Hi man,

u can be access to remote config?

No. I don’t. I just start to use realtime database replacing remoteconfig.