Ionic 3 and firebase config working

Anybody get this working, the documentation is pretty slim.

        this.firebaseConfig.getString("Android_Key").then(res => {
            alert("The value is " + res);
            return Promise.resolve;
        .catch(error => {
            alert("The error is " + error);
            return Promise.reject;

Getting the error
TypeError: this.firebaseConfig.getString(…).then is not a function

Your links and choice of subforum indicate that you are deliberately limiting yourself to old obsolete versions of things. When doing so, you must be especially vigilant in telling your package manager (typically npm) to do so as well - you cannot blindly apply idioms in old documentation to modern versions of software.

So, are you absolutely certain that you have the expected versions of everything to go with the documentation you are attempting to follow?

Thanks, quick answer is no. Did not see any “expected versions” to use this plugin.

My expectation is that that the example listed on the ionic v3 page would work.

Looks like the plugin needed cordova 9.0. Which then needed to upgrade nodejs to 14+.
Spend the day getting things working and able to install the plugin. Only to find out its using old code that doesn’t seem to be supported anymore.

/platforms/android/app/src/main/java/org/apache/cordova/firebase/ error: cannot find symbol
                    byte[] bytes = FirebaseRemoteConfig.getInstance().getByteArray(key);