How to use cordova-plugin-firebase-realtime-database in ionic2?


i want to use cordova-plugin-firebase-realtime-database because this provide the native sdk and setDatabasePersistent to write data to the disk

iwant to know how to use it in ionic 2 ?
how to import this plugin with typescript
how to retrive data array and objects with it in type script

and the docs say that i should manully add this to phonegab build

buildscript {

dependencies {

classpath ‘’

should i add it in ionic 2 too,

and after install the plugin the serve say that FirebaseDatabasePlugin is not defined how to avoid that ?


Have you implemented this? Can you please share the URL of the plugin? Thanks.


i use : . instead


did you implement a real app with angularfire2-offline ?? Is it stable ? are data kept as with sqlite ??


Yes Its stable , but QueryLists doesnt work , and it not work with Sqllite


ok thks. actually what I was asking regarding sqlite, is if angularfire2-offline keeps data stored permanently as sqlite do ? And if there is storage capacity limits ?