Problem to create a new app


Hello, Im new in Ionic and I have a big problem. When I tip the command “ionic new something blank” the terminal do nothing, no folder and I don’t know why can be.

Ive installed nodejs, cordova and ionic, but I can resolve this.

Thanks a lot.


Hi @Davids89,

You probably want to be using:

ionic start something blank

I don’t think new will be recognized.



Yes sorry I use that but I cant create the app :frowning:


can you make sure that everything is working
like executing ionic --help can you see anything ?


It shows nothing, I dont know whats happening.


Try to restart your computer and try again.


if it shows nothing, you should check that you have installed cordova/phonegap and all the required libraries correctly.
am not sure anyone can help without any output


Ive install node, 32libs, everything possible but I cant fix it.


have u set the PATH in Windows?
What error comes if u try:

$ node -v


Make sure you have properly configured the PATH. You do not get any message? Not even that the code is not recognized? I followed the steps IONIC offers?


Nothing, it’s like I have no node


Ok I fixed it!! I uninstalled node (not nodejs) and now ionic works. It’s like node and nodejs were corrupted.