Cannot create a new project

I am unable to create a new ionic project with cordova.

When the prompt ask me if I want to integrate cordova with the app and whatever my answer was (Yes or no), I have to wait hours and hours and nothing happens and just a folder with just single file (src) is created.

I am using the latest version of Node and NPM.

I tried to uninstall everything globally and re-install it again, but still having the same problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

i think may your internet speed slow to download starter template from git
or you don’t have LTS version of node.
so forget all this and download direct from git .:wink:

Download it but without the node modules so nothing worked properly.

which version of node you use ?

I’ve got the same issue.
The solution is as @hirenkorat3 mentioned, install proper Node version LTS.

I omitted that because I used “choco node upgrade” to get the latest version - which is not a LTS!

Easy to fix. Thanks