[SOLVED] Cannot create an app with Ionic 3

Hi everyone!

I’m not able to create a new app with Ionic 3.20.1
Once I’ve chosen the template the console hangs and nothing else happens. Only an empty folder is created. BUT It’s going well with Ionic 4.

Could please anyone help me with this issue? I really need to use Ionic 3, but how to fix this?

Ionic 3.20.1
Cordova 8.1.2
Node.js 10.14.2

Thank you!

Upd: I ran ionic start myApp blank and it loaded something BUT it stopped again after the next choosing step.

why start with V3 and not with V4?

Because in my opinion v4 is not stable enough yet + there’re more materials about v3 rather than v4

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Hi, this helped me…

npm uninstall -g ionic
and then
npm install -g ionic@3.20.1

Hey @NeyBarbosa !

Already tried that - didn’t help :frowning:

The problem was Node.js. I had to downgrade it v10->v8 and now it’s working.


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try this command: ionic start DemoApp blank --type=ionic-angular

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