Initial set up issues

I have searched for answers to my issue and haven’t had much luck. I definitely would appreciate any input. I have node 0.12.0, npm 2.5.1, and bower 1.3.12 installed. All my paths are set correctly but when I run the ionic start myApp tabs (or any other template) command from c:\dev I end up with no code files in the myApp directory and a new directory inside of myApp called ionic-app-base-master that has the blank project in it. If I change to the ionic-app-base-master directory I can add the android platform and deploy it to my phone without any issues. So my question is why isn’t the CLI creating the project in the myApp directory with the specified template ?

I thought it could be my node version but I am not sure, Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

This may be a stupid question, but did You run:

$ npm install -g cordova ionic

(You don’t mention it in Your question)
Take a look at the Ionic guide

I did that and I’m able to add the Cordova platform and push the blank ionic template to my device. It just doesn’t seem to create the correct directory structure with the correct template.

I did find another post that said there are issues with ionic 1.3.5 and above on a windows system, which I am running windows 8. I down graded to 1.3.4 and I am able to create a project successfully. Not sure if there there is anything else to do at this point or just wait for a future update to fix the issue.

I was asked to post to this issue again with Mike Hartington mentioned in it. I just saw another post where someone had to downgrade their node rfom 0.12.0 to 0.10.xx and supposedly everything works with the newest ionic cli. Just wanted to make sure this is the correct solution.

You can mention him like this @mhartington

Hey there @rhg1968

So lets make sure that you’re on the latest cli.

$ npm install -g ionic

Then could you run ionic -v. You should get 1.3.10.
Then to make sure your environment, could you run ionic info and past that into here?

Everything is working now that I downgraded my node to version 0.10.xx

I am now on the current version of ionic