Problem testing the tab template on a real android

Hello, and thanks for try to help me.

I’m trying to test the tab template in my android (huawei p6). I used “ionic run android”. But the result is really weard.

I hope u can help me. And sorry for my english.

Facing the same issue. The tabs are appearing vertically. I noticed this problem is happening only with Android versions 4.x and less. It works fine with Android 5 and above. It works fine with iOS as well. Is anyone having a solution to this tabs problem in Android 4.x? Found no solution to this even after a lot of searching. Thank you.

“4.x” is not specific enough. Ionic 2 supports >=4.4 out of the box; any older than that and you’ll need crosswalk.

Like @rapropos said.

You need android 4.4 or higher. Ionic uses flexbox CSS and you need chromium for that to work.

Crosswalk packs chromium into your app so it works but makes your app bigger in size…

Is it possibile to use some polyfill for flexbox instead of crosswalk?

This comment suggests that it’s deeper than just flexbox, but I don’t know for certain.

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thank you! i fully understand now.