CSS stylesheet not working properly on Android 4.3

I’m developing a Bitcoin calculator with Ionic framework.
If I build and test it on Android 4.4.4 everything looks good, but for smartphones with Android 4.3, the CSS looks bad.

Any idea why the CSS is not showing properly on Android 4.3 and below?

Android 4.3:

Android 4.4:

I read that you can use CrossWalk, but if I try the file size grows from 3MB to 25MB.
And It’s too much increase for a simple app.

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Simply because android webview < 4.4 doesn’t support flexbox! So if you want to use ionic in a proper way you have to use crosswalk.

Are you using any custom css for this? Android 4.3 does supports flexbox, but it’s a older syntax. Can you provide a simplified demo to look at?

You are right, sir.
I fixed it, I ended up using another type of display

<=4.3 does not support all features of flexbox